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So last night I streamed a werewolf painting. Finally had some time between my work. I think I worked on it for about 2 hours. Maybe a bit more. This was my first stream. Sadly PS lag's a lot when trying to stream. I had heard it can happen but I didn't expect such a chug. I will not at all lie that I could have spent more time refining and defining this design. Yet the chug of the stream was enough for me to decide to just lay down the base of the design.

My intents were to shoot for what I had seen in the Netflix show Hemlock grove. A feral werewolf that turned during days the moon wasn't full. I kind of took the idea of this "Varg wolf" and applied it more towards a werewolf we traditionally see. I had fun doing it. I would of liked if the stream was smooth so I could of refined things more. Oh well. Enjoy!

Feel free to see the process on my twitch.