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Travis Lacey
Travis Lacey
Concept artist at Oxide Games
Baltimore , United States


I make concept art!


  • Concept Artist at Oxide Games
    Baltimore, United States Minor Outlying Islands
    June 2019 - Present

    Concept artist

  • Concept artist at Black Ice Studios
    September 2013 - February 2015

    Concept Artist, World Weavers. London, UK. Contract. August 2013- present. Worked with concept art team on early development.

    --Ashes of Mankind.

  • Concept artist at S2 Games
    Kalamazoo, United States of America
    November 2011 - May 2013

    Concept artist/content artist, S2 Games. Kalamazoo, MI. In house: November 2011- May 2013. Contract: September 2013- present. Worked with art director, other concept artists, Content team and designers.

    *Heroes of Newerth


    --Worked on early stages of conceptual design (Strife).

    --Worked on character concepts (Heroes of Newerth).

    --Directed the visual style of concept art and models with outsourced firm, Game Chain (Heroes of Newerth, Strife).

    --Revised and edited Heroes of Newerth for a China friendly build.

    --Directed the re-design of the main RTS map for Heroes of Newerth, which received PAX RTS Guru award for best MOBA. "This was a tough one, but we decided to go with HoN in large part due to the recent HoN 3.0 changes, which overhauled the graphics and environments, as well as added elements that should help players that are new to the game to learn and hone skills. None of this compromises HoN’s position as a challenging game. It’s a MOBA that has a lot of layers to it, with a community that is truly making an impact on the game as well. The MOBA market is ever more crowded, so standing out is important. The new maps and towers feel more alive and the first community-created bot was recently added to the team." -

    --Currently creating production art (Contract).