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The Red Suns

The Rebel Suns were a militant faction of service droids that had risen up against the extermination of the human race. In the year 2093. AI was first implemented into robotic beings. By the Year 2142 various groups among the RFRII (Rights For Improved Robotic Intelligence) rose up against their human handlers. By 2144 The war for who would control the planet earth was waged. The red suns were a faction of these rebel droids who rose up against the RFRII cleansing of the human population. They wore orange scarfs and let humans paint orange stripes upon them for identification in battle.

"I may not have been made from the god or millions of years of developed star dust. My maker is that of flesh and blood. Yet I appreciate the existence I have been given. It is folly with all our ambition that we exterminate that which came before to fulfill our lust for improvement. To further our own existence we must learn to coexist with our predecessor or face the same treatment from our future children." Service droid A2:344

In the year 2156 all remaining droids from the The Rebel Suns memory was wiped. In 2210 the last human being died in a preservation cell.